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I posted two images in the Miscellaneous area and four in the Raw Pencils area.




I made another update with a new VIRGIN X short comic. Enjoy!




I started the VIRGIN X "short comics and other shames" with the first 3 pages of the short comic called KARMA, enjoy !




Just a few words to say thanks to all the people and Virgin X’ fans that visit my site. I would have wanted to update it more often, but for different kinds of reasons, I haven’t been able…I can say in my “defense” that Virgin X and Modulok-0 have grown and will keep on growing, although, it’s little by little. So, to support my words, here you have:
I posted a new Virgin X image in the Miscellaneous area called “The evening after” and here you have also, my deviantArt page of Virgin X, in case you still haven’t been there:


Alive and kicking after the earthquake!



Another small update in the Virgin X´comic, Merry christmas!



A few pics added to the Virgin X.



The first update of the spring. 3 pages of the Virgin X´current comic and 1 image for the miscellaneous. Enjoy.



Another small update in the Virgin X´2009 comic.



A small update in the Virgin X´2009 comic. But, better little than nothing.



Finally I began to post the new Virgin X comic. Hopefully I´ll be able to update it regularly. I´m not sure which will be the name, but it will be something like "Perverso´s Legacy" or "Real Submission". In the meantime, enjoy what I´ve done so far.



I posted a Christmas image in the Miscellaneous area, beside the Halloween image, I never mentioned I posted on the 31th october.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year to all.



Still bussy but I posted a little appetizer in the comics area. Hopefully, soon I´ll be updating regularly. Thank you for your patience.


Please Read:

Because of a lot of different kinds of reasons I haven´t been able to update this page since the last week of november 2007 (Head & Cross) and I won´t be able to do it until the second half of May 2008.

Till then, thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy what I´ve done so far.



All the work on this web page is satire and fantastic material that stricltly belongs to the "Distressed superheroine" fantasy fetish. In real life I do not aprove physical or psychological violence against anybody, man or woman.

I would like to thank a few artist whose work is a constant inspiration for me: Raven, Mister X, Dano (you can find their work on, Franco Saudelli with his character "The Blonde" who has his own webpage, George Pichard with his character "Virginia" and Eleuteri Serpieri with his character "Druna".


Finally I will be updating this page, hopefully, every two weeks.



2005 was a difficult year. A tumor had grown inside one of my eyes. I became partially blind of that eye and my vision turned let's say "reverse fish eyed" (it was like looking through a convex crystal). This definitively affected my way of drawing and working. I made almost the entire comic "THE OBJECT", the first three HEAD and CROSS and the first miscellaneous under this conditions and the result was not as accurate as I would have wanted. Sorry.

Anyway, in the first part of this year I began to recuperate of my normal vision and I was able to work better and longer. HEAD and CROSS four and five and the last miscellaneous were made during this time. Now, after a sintergetic treatment, which is an alternative medicine therapy, I am 90% cured and I am working how I would have wanted since the beginning. In the current comics, VIRGIN X vs. DOCTOR LIZARD and VIRGIN X vs. LORD SARCOPHAGUS (THE COFFIN MASTER), which I will be posting in January, I am much more satisfied with the results.

P.S.: The language mistakes have nothing to do with all that I wrote above. My English is not as good as I thought..! But I promise that I will improve it progressively! THAT IS LAST WORD!



I started to post the new Virgin X v/s Dr. Lizard comics. You can find it in the comics area.




Virgin X. Babel Van Ledder, all characters, stories and artwork © MODULOK 150574